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What’s the Best Color for a Diamond?

//What’s the Best Color for a Diamond?

What’s the Best Color for a Diamond?

In the diamond market, many customers buy diamonds that are colorless within the range (G-J) and in the Asian markets there is high demand for the same but on the D-F color range. If you are willing to buy a diamond and you are not sure of which color range to choose from then a safer range for you would be F or else G. unless you walk around with a master set to tell and compare the colors of the diamonds it would be very difficult to tell the difference in a D or G colored diamond. If your choice of color is a warmer one, then you will benefit from it since less color graded diamonds are much cheaper than highly graded colors.

Customers with a little know-how of the color grading can check out with Brilliant Earth or else they will tend to buy ones with the highest grades their money can buy but a common mistake some people make when buying diamonds is that they assume that a diamond which has a high color grading would have a more appealing look. That would mislead you as the buyer since the diamonds attractiveness is based on how the diamond has been cut. The type of diamond and the color of the diamond will all depend on your budget and your preferences.

Remember that all diamonds are nearly colorless although they may look totally white bits of colors can be noticed if you place your diamond adjacent to a colorless one. When walking around with your diamond ring on, you will not be comparing it with other diamonds rather you should not be overwhelmed about how excellent the color of your diamond is. A good customer will always ask if the diamond has been certified by a renowned organization or even more preferably the G.I.A.

In case there is no certification at all it will be very hard to tell the exact color of the diamond no matter how sweet the vendor talks about the diamonds. Without a certificate, it becomes impossible to tell the color. There are some vendors who would sell you a piece while they refer to the color using a letter range not the actual color grade and you should stay away from such. It is easy for you to tell whether the seller is a fake or not since the diamond colors are graded with specific letters that are on G.I.A scale.

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