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Vintage Rings – Why they are Unique, and a Must Have

//Vintage Rings – Why they are Unique, and a Must Have

Vintage Rings – Why they are Unique, and a Must Have

In the recent past, vintage rings have become so popular, and every couple is going for them when they think of gifting their better half something unique as well as romantic. They also viewed to have a rich history, and that is why most couples these days don’t want anything other than these rings. The fact that these diamond engagement rings have been given as gifts to represent love in the past does not exhaust the fact that they continue to be the most sought-after jewellery to mark that special day. Mary of Burgundy remains goes down in history as the first lady to be given a diamond ring by Austria’s Archduke Maximillian in 1477. Since then, there have been many vintage styles of rings to select as engagement and vintage rings.

Why Vintage Rings Are Loved

  1. They Have outstanding Value

First of all, the vintage, antique and secondhand jewelry are VAT exempt products. This means that they are 20% less expensive when compared to new jewelry. This applies because there are normally no manufacturing expenses involved to be charged on their purchase. These stones offer best value than new rings so if you intend to pick a vintage stone like the three stone diamond engagement ring from Brilliant Earth, you will always get the best value for your money.

  1. Their quality

In a world where almost everything is counterfeit, old remains to be gold, and in an era where everyone is complaining that things are no longer manufactured as before, you better settle for vintage. Today’s jewelry is cast, but the vintage ones were hand-made or hand finished. Antique jewelry can be imitated but is not duplicated. You will hardly find the same level of workmanship or quality in today’s precious rings

  1. The rings are timeless

While design trends are awesome as an investment piece, vintage rings are can last you for the rest of your life. When you choose a vintage ring you are simply picking something timeless. These rings possess a different look as well as feel when compared to the new rings. It’s also important to note that their design were all rage decades of years ago, their classic appearance still stand the test of time and forever will remain priceless.

  1. Liked by stars

The vintage rings are a trend among today’s notable stars. Various stars such as Katherine Heigl, Miley Cyrus and even Katie Holmes have vintage inspired vintage rings. One more reason you should also be eyeing them. These rings are desirable everywhere.

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