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Is Color or Clarity More Important in a Diamond?

//Is Color or Clarity More Important in a Diamond?

Is Color or Clarity More Important in a Diamond?

The four Cs, color, clarity, carat, and cut are the criteria for judging diamonds. The value of diamonds are generally determined by these four C’s. When evaluating the quality and the true value of diamonds, is color or clarity more important in a diamond? Continue reading to understand whether or not it has an impact.

The clarity indicates the number and size of the defects in all the diamonds there. The defects affect the amount of light that can pass through the stone.

The importance of clarity

Why is clarity so important? Simply, regardless of the size of the diamond, its glossy color, or its beautiful shape, if a diamond contains defects it will not reflect the light well. Good clarity is what gives diamonds a good reflection. This is the advantage that many people talk about with diamonds, so low visibility affects the demand and therefore, the value of a diamond.

Focus on clarity

As mentioned, a great deal of importance is placed on clarity. However, some question on how much diamond value should be placed are of a concern. Does one have to be very pronounced in order to declare this beautiful stone? The answer to this question is that there’s more to the gem than just its clarity.

Since diamonds are considered quality, it is not necessary to achieve the highest grade. However, they need a certain level of clarity because a diamond that contains many defects will not be desirable.

Very few diamonds are considered flawless internally, meaning that it has no drawbacks. Those in this category are extremely rare and expensive. However, diamonds still contain impurities that cannot be seen with the naked eye, still making them valuable. The two factors that will determine the clarity of diamonds are the things that are outside, these are called impurities, and the objects within the diamond called impurities. Diamonds will always contain some of the other things that were stuck inside it as it grew underground.


When you are looking for gems, you should always keep in mind one of the most important variables, but not to the extent that you think of one of the things you really love. As we have mentioned, very few people get the highest possible degree of clarity, so be sure to consider other 3C in this process as well. Diamonds with good clarity but with an average or higher than the average carat, color and cut will make a wonderful choice either for yourself or for a loved one. Consider buying the diamond from the Brilliant Earth.

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